Planning is where the art of landscaping meets science. We factor in sun, shade, soil, grade, water flow, growth habits and time, to integrate a beautiful landscape seamlessly with walks, drives, walls, terraces, and views from indoors. Planning makes a landscape vision take root and thrive. Planning also is used to "phase" a vision into layers of investments to make over time, to help you work toward the environment you want at a pace that is workable for you. With over 25 years of field-tested experience, we get your vision off the paper and on the ground, more quickly and cost-effectively with a 6th sense for making smart adjustments that maintain the integrity of the design but account for realities of the job-site.

Tree & Plant Care

Established landscapes need routine care to continue to thrive. Plants and trees can suffer from preventable diseases or easy-to-fix nutrition issues. Home renovations like a patio, driveway, or new lawn can compromise the overall health of existing trees and shrubs. We inspect the health of the landscape on your property, identifying areas of decline and recommended treatment, to encourage natural evolution rather than overhaul.

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