Posted by Todd Tuggey

Spring is approaching fast. Soon it will be time to get outside and enjoy your landscape once again. With all the rain and cold in the past months, most, if not all of your pine straw has decomposed or washed away, leaving grey-muddy looking landscape beds. It is this time every year that your outdoors needs a clean up and mulch application.

The most common and easiest to apply mulch is Pine Straw. It is fairly inexpensive and can cover large areas quickly. The downside to Pine Straw is that it usually only lasts about 6 months and needs to be re-applied to continue to look good, prevent erosion, and hold moisture for your plants. So is it so "inexpensive” after all?

If the area that you are mulching is not to expansive, wood mulch is my pick. I am referring to shredded or ground wood mulch, not Pine Bark Nuggets that may float and move around too much. Wood mulch locks together to provide a good weed barrier and retains water better that pine straw. True, it is a little more expensive and time consuming to spread, but in my opinion it looks better, it's better for plants if applied correctly, and lasts longer, requiring less re-application each year.

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